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May. 5th, 2012

competent at work

Maggotbone Enterprises, The Lake of Fire, Hell (NFB)

Deep below New York City, far beneath the surface of the earth, past the parts of Hell that were tourist-friendly, lay Maggotbone Enterprises. The conference room had bright purple walls, and floor-to-ceiling glass windows that opened onto the Lake of Fire. One wall was decorated with ceremonial weapons, and the conference table was a deep oxblood red.

At one end sat Aldermach Maggotbone, CEO of Maggotbone Enterprises, Ruler of Hell, more colloquially known as the devil. At the other, his daughter. ... Oh, and some shlubby lawyer she’d brought along for the ride.

Hey there, kitten. Did you see the horrific visions I sent you?Collapse )

(Played with the incomparable whateverknight as my Aldermach. The beginning is ripped from two different scenes of episode 2x02, Callie and Her Sister, but with a sharp left turn in the middle. Establishy hoooo! NFB, NFI, but OOC is love.)

Apr. 30th, 2012

mmmm severed limbs!

Callie Maggotbone: Infopost, Class Stuff, Pixie Dust (now Demon Marcus), and Shiny Objects

THE CANONCollapse )

CALLIECollapse )


THE STORECollapse )

LINKSCollapse )


TL:DR; (half-)demon succubus with a shriveled black heart (with occasional flecks of that kind of gold that turns your fingers green) will be teaching a class about the bizarre weirdos and freaks that roam New York City, how to avoid them, survive them, or profit from them, and being her droll and diva self. And there will be a shopping trip to New Hell. She's also taking over the clothing store and making it more creature-friendly while keeping the designer labels and Jimmy Choos. PS, her canon rules.

Callie will need a TA, especially as I'm going to be away for a week's vacation in June (HAWAII, BITCHES!) and I'm going to save my others for another post because this is fucking huge.

Any questions?

Apr. 25th, 2012

trusty blackberry

Voicemail (business)

Thank you for calling Demon Marcus. We can't answer the phone right now, but one of our stylish and friendly assistants will return your call at the first available opportunity.

Demon Marcus is your place to find all the latest in human, demonic, vampiric, zombie, wizard, merfolk, and troll fashion designs. Now serving two locations: New Hell, and Fandom.

Voicemail (personal)

It's me. I'm not here, so leave a message at the scream.