When you hear the name Callie Maggotbone, you think of two things

Callie Maggotbone
27 October 1981
Callie Maggotbone
It's hard for a girl in the city. Your father, currently the devil, wants you to ditch your career and come work for him. Your mom is your best friend, but she's human, so she doesn't always get it. Your on-off boyfriend is a bleeding heart do-gooder; it's hot, except for the constant moral crises. Your boss is a drooling idiot, but the prophecy says you two mating will bring about the End of Days. Ugh, him? Seriously?!

What's a succubus to do?

♦ Fandom: Ugly Americans
♦ E-mail: boobs . and . evil @ gmail
♦ Living Arrangements: MHA #9
♦ Voicemail (personal): 555-1134
♦ Voicemail (business): 555-DMON

Demon Marcus features clothes for a range of species: human, demonic, vampire, zombie, wizard, merfolk, troll, et cetera. Also accessories, fabulous shoes, and souvenirs from New Hell.
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